Hello, Again!

Good morning.  I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since writing anything on the church blog!  I am going to try to do better.  Occasionally, I will write in English, and sometimes in Japanese.  I want the blog to be something that people want to read, and I know many of you are very interested in improving your English skills.  So, from now on, some of my blog posts will be mini English lessons.   However, many times in life, what we want to hear, is not what we need to hear.  Therefore, I want to share with you not just what you want to learn, but what you need to learn.  What is the most important message  I can share with you?   the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  So many of the posts will be about having faith in Jesus Christ.    

Did you understand any of my English???

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キラキラネームが多くて漢字が読めないこの時代ですから、私も「自分の名前の漢字を勝手に選ぼう」と数年前に思いました。最初はラインのIDに使っていただけですが、最近は仕事関係や名刺などでも使うようになりました。その漢字を選んだ理由を説明します。 真 (ま)  生 (いけ)  留 (る...