Why I hate Christmas!

That got your attention, didn't it!   How many of you know about the famous Christmas novel called "A Christmas Carol".     He is known as Scrooge, and this name has become so famous over the years, that anyone that is stingy or selfish is known as a Scrooge.  Well, I am not like Scrooge, although, if I tell people that "I hate Christmas" they may think that I am.  Let me explain!
Scrooge hated Christmas because he was selfish.  He only thought about himself and making money and had no interest in helping others.  The spirit of Christmas, whether we are talking about the Biblical story of Christ, or about the story of old Saint Nick, now known as Santa Claus, is all about giving to others.  I love giving to others, so why do I hate Christmas?  Because of what Christmas has become!   To give you a perfect summary of what Christmas has become, let me share with you what one child said to me yesterday, when I invited them to the kids Christmas meeting, "What do we get if we come?"   That is the world that we live in today, unfortunately.  Everyone seems to be asking, "What do I get!"  That is the wrong question to be asking especially at Christmas time!   


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