Are you thin skinned?

One of my biggest frustrations since moving to Japan is how thin the skin of Japanese people is.   Do you know what this means?  To have thin skin means that you are easily offended especially to criticism.     Can I encourage you to have a teachable spirit?  One of the ways we can grow as a person and learn new things is to learn from our mistakes.  One of the ways to learn from our mistakes, is for people who are our friends, to lovingly point out our mistakes to us.   Don't be insulted every time someone does this.   I am a pastor and a teacher, so my job is to teach the Bible.  It is also to help the people around me to live a better life, by adapting their attitude and actions to be in line with what the Bible teaches.  It seems that 9 out of 10 Japanese people that I have given advice to, have thin skin.  That means, that no matter how hard I try to be kind with my words, and correct them in a loving way, they are going to be offended.   This thin skin shows that they have an unhealthy pride, and this will be what leads everything in their life to ruins!    Please have a teachable spirit.  Don't be so offended when someone tries to help you.  It is a sign of weakness and pride.  

「うすい肌」という英語があります。意味は、ちょっとした批判なことばや責められることで怒ったり、または、傷つく人です。 教えやすい心を持っていない人です。 牧師としての仕事は神様のすばらしい御言葉を教えることです。聖書の教えに従って生きると本当の幸せが待ってます。様々な悩みで人が教会に来ます。英会話のためにくる人もいます。相手が助けを求めているとき、人の行動と考え方が周りの人に害を与えている時、その他に必要と感じたときなどに、人に一言のアドバイスをします。これに対して、素直に受け入れる人は珍しいです。今までの経験では、10人のうちの9人は「THIN SKIN」を持っているように思います。なぜそこまで多いのか、なぜ人間のプライドが人間としての成長をじゃまするのしょうか。 その答えはいま、日々考えているところです。

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